Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Summer Toys

We finally pulled out and put together Courtney's new sand/water cart that Santa gave her back at Christmas time.  Courtney loves her new toy and if the sun is shining you can usually find us on the back of the deck.  Our summer is flying by fast and we're loving every minute of it.  Enjoy the pics!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Soggy Beach Vacation

Our 8 day Florida vacation was a little depressing since we only got to enjoy two days of sunshine, but it was nice to catch up on our sleep and movies.  We were able to get a few pictures of the outdoors, but not many.  After 4 days of rain and being stuck in the condo we ventured out and found an inflatable jumping gym for Courtney to play on in Daytona Beach. Our vacation was fun, but we didn't et the tans we were hoping for. Enjoy!   

This was the first picture I took when we arrived at the condo at 5:45AM (Saturday morning).  Yes we drove all night, but it was COMPLETELY worth it since Courtney slept the ENTIRE way.

Sunday was a beautiful day and very sunny.  Courtney and Philip decided to build sandcastles while I re-read my Twilight books.

Courtney's hat was sagging just a little, since a huge wave knocked her and her hat into the ocean.

Monday it rained all day except for an hour, so we made a run for the beach until the rain started again.  After Monday we never saw the sun again.  These were the only pictures I got of Courtney enjoying the beach


Running from the waves

Looking at the jellyfsh

The Jump Zone in Daytona Beach...Courtney had a blast and so did we!!!!!

The HUGE monster slide.  Courtney climbed up and went down all by herself the first time, but Philip insisted she needed help.  I think he just wanted to join in on the fun...What do you think?

Our little angel insists "Me Do It" and no longer wants any help from us.  As you can see she's Miss Independent.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Our weekend trip to Cincinnati was so much fun!  We enjoyed meeting up with some of Philip's friends and going to the Cincinnati Zoo.  It was a nice weekend with some great scenery.  Enjoy the photos.


Here are a few pictures taken at Easter.  Courtney REALLY enjoyed the Easter egg hunt at my Aunt Betty's house and getting her first dose of chocolate.  She also discovered that if she's a "good girl" then the Easter bunny will come and leave toys and treats.  Enjoy!!

Courtney and Uncle Chris

Looking for Easter eggs

The Easter bunny came to our house!!!!!

Christopher and Angie