Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Almost Finished!

After Friday I will FINALLY be finished with spring semester classes (YAY!)  I took four classes and I'm hoping to have three A's and a B.  I also received an invitation to apply to join the President's Ambassador program, which starting in the fall would give me a full scholarship for the next year.  I'm crossing my fingers and hopefully I will be selected.   We will be leaving for Atlanta EARLY Saturday morning to go see Paula Deen that afternoon at the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show (  On Sunday we plan to make an early trip to the Atlanta Zoo followed by a Braves baseball game and then return home.  Needless to say we will have a BUSY weekend! We love Atlanta and couldn't pass up a opportunity to see one of our favorite places and favorite cooks- Paula Deen.  We're also taking my mom for her birthday and mother's day and we're looking forward to having a great time!  Courtney favorite toy now is electric cords.  We don't understand how a child can have so many toys, but instead of wanting to play with them she wants to play with electric cords.  She has been getting her hand "spanked" several times, but still hasn't learned "no touch".  I have been able to take a few pictures of her "getting caught" and you can see she has a mischievous demeanor about herself.  Hope all is well and on our next post we will have tons of Atlanta pictures.

"OOPS- You caught me again mommy!"

"This thing is so much fun!  Are you sure I have to put it down?"

Phoebe: "You better leave that electric cord alone or your going to be getting a lot of spankings."

She has found her tongue and plays with it all the time

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Standing Up

Courtney  has been standing on her own for some time now, but yesterday I was finally able to get a picture of it. Courtney had her 15 month check up today and everything went well except for the two shots she received. She weighed 21 pounds, 8 ounces and was 30 inches long. After dinner tonight I let Courtney use my bathtub and she had a blast. I had the camera ready to take some cute shots and Phoebe even wanted in on some of the action, but was cautious not to get too close. I also included a picture of Courtney playing on her new swing set that Pops and Mimi got her for Christmas. Philip put it together last week, so tonight after dinner and Courtney's bath, we all (including Phoebe) got out in the yard and let her swing and play on it. She enjoyed it and Philip and I had fun getting outside enjoying some much needed fresh air.

Look... No Hands!

"Mommy I want to use your tub from now on."

We couldn't figure out what was so funny, but she was having a good time!

"Come on in Phoebe.  It's so much fun in mommy's tub."

Chillin out in the her new swing set


Monday, April 21, 2008

Having So Much Fun!

Courtney continues to get into everything (especially the fireplace and trash) and her favorite new friend is Elmo.  She still is trying to walk and a few days ago took three steps all by herself.  We continue to wait and hope that she is walking by the time we go to Florida. Our Atlanta trip is next weekend (May 3-4) and we're all excited about seeing Paula Deen at the Metropolitan Cooking Show.  I will be sure and take plenty of pictures since we have fifth row seats and maybe even get her autograph! Our Florida trip is two weeks after that and we are all in much need of some relaxation and rest. We're looking forward to playing on the beach and Philip and I will be celebrating our two-year anniversary (May 20) while were on vacation too! I had decided not to take classes this summer, but I have changed my mind again.  I will be taking one class during the summer and it's a difficult class, but I figured I would go ahead and get it out of the way.  It's not online, but it's on Saturdays and one night during the week, so it works well with my schedule.  Well it's back to writing a ten page research paper that's due this week, and after next week classes are finished for the spring semester.  YAY!

Courtney's hair is starting to get more curly.

Wearing a pretty new dress and playing with her school bus.

We have to include a picture of Phoebe in this blog.  Bless her heart, Courtney has been annoying her to death and she continues to take it like a champ!  Notice how she has jumped up on the guest bed to get out of Courtney's reach.

Laughing at the blocks.

Spring is Here!!!!

Spring is finally here and I couldn't resist going out in the yard and taking some pictures of our landscaping that is starting to bloom.  Courtney has even started helping me plant flowers this year and she's such a big help playing in the dirt!  Anyway, here are some beautiful pictures of our landscaping.

Here is our forsythia bushes.  There are actually three, but I only took a picture of one.  I planted them about a month ago and they haven't died!  YAY!

Not sure what kind of flower this is, but I purchased it from Lowe's and it's a perennial, so it should return next year.

Our backyard with the dogwood trees blooming and our row of leyland cypress that are starting to get bigger.

The deck with our patio furniture.  The furniture's not new, but it's newly painted.

The daylilies I planted last year have all returned and they're huge!  They should be sprouting some flowers sometime in June.

Here is our cherokee princess dogwood tree that Grandmama Dennis (Philip's grandmother) got for us last fall.  They said it might not bloom this spring, but look at that beautiful color!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Blog/Webpage

Starting in May Courtney's baby web-page ( will officially close down.  We have so many pictures on there that we are running out of room and it will start costing too much money to keep it going.  Philip and I have decided to create a new web-page/blog to be more family focused instead just "baby" focused. We plan on using the new web-page to put pictures and post new information about Courtney, Phoebe, and ourselves to keep family and friends updated with all the new things we continue to do.