Saturday, January 31, 2009

2nd Birthday Party

Saturday we hosted Courtney's birthday party at the house and it was a lot of fun to get together with family and friends.  Elmo (Uncle Chris) made his special appearance and even though Courtney wasn't sure about him, she eventually warmed up to him and even gave him "five".  The Elmo cake from Homestyle Bakery was fabulous and thanks again Regina for telling us about Homestyle Bakery.  Enjoy the pics! 

Courtney not really paying attention to the candle, but Jacob was ready to blow it out.

Staton was peeking around the corner looking at Elmo, while Courntey was playing with her computer.

Courtney eating just the icing.

Elmo and Grandaddy Dennis

Courtney smiling at her Elmo card.

Elmo taking a break

Melissa and Hannah

Giving Elmo a "high five"

Seeing Elmo for the first time coming down the stairs

Making his GRAND's ELMO!!!!

The Birthday Girl

The Fabulous Elmo Cake from Homestyle Bakery...YUMMY!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday Fun with Mommy and Daddy

On Friday, (January 30) Courtney's official birthday, Philip and myself decided to take Courtney to the Aquarium Restaurant to eat lunch at Opry Mills then to Build-A-Bear so she could "make" her very first stuffed friend.  It was a very fun day and Courtney had a blast looking at all the fish and making herself a new teddy bear named "baby bear".  She did name it herself and as you can tell by the pictures, she loves "baby bear" a lot.  Enjoy!

Looking at the "fishy's"
Getting Courtney to stop for a picture is a rather difficult task now!

She tried to help with the "stuffing" process.

Combing "baby bear's" fur.

Courtney also helped out typing "baby bear's" birth certificate.



It doesn't seem like our baby should be turning two already, but I guess time flies when your having fun! I thought I would post some pictures of when Courtney was an infant and include some of her now. These past two years have been the best of my life and I wouldn't trade them for anything! I will post pictures of Courtney's birthday party and of her special day that she spent with just Mommy and Daddy in a few days. Happy Birthday Courtney!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rumor Has It...

Rumor has it that a Publix grocery store will be coming soon to Pleasant View!!!! We are so excited to hear this news and hopefully it's true! Since Philip and I moved from Brentwood, the two things that I miss is shopping at Publix and my workout buddy Regina (Philip's Aunt). Anyway, we will be keeping our fingers crossed and hope that this rumor is true.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Family Update

So school has started back for me and this semester I will only be going on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which I'm EXCITED about! Courtney goes to preschool on both of those days while I'm in class and she really loves going to school and interacting with the other children. Philip now just works two extra nights a week, so we get to see him a lot more! Philip is such a hard worker and provider, and Courtney and I are so lucky to have him. We're in the process of planning our 8 day vacation to Savannah, GA in May. We can't wait to go to the beach and scope some neighborhoods we might possibly move to some day. Daphne and Phoebe continue to be best friends and we're excited that we added another mini schnauzer to our home. Daphne will be having her ear cropping surgery on February 4, so she will be looking quite different next time I post pictures of her on our blog. I recently joined the "Y" (birthday present from my wonderful husband) and have started working out 4-5 times a week. I usually workout on Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat. and Courtney gets to go with me and use the "nursery gym" while I workout. I officially started my healthy lifestyle change last week and so far I've lost 6 pounds! I'm reluctant to call it a "diet", so I'm calling it a healthy lifestyle change. I take 4 aerobic classes a week and lift weights 3 times a week. I already have more energy and overall feel better about myself. I have a ways to go, but it's a start! Things are going well with us, but we continue to be very BUSY!!! We also are getting started on redoing Courtney's bed room theme. Her nursery was done in honey bees, but now we have purchased lavender dragonfly toddler bedding and are ready to get painting. We will probably wait to start painting when it warms up a bit, but we already have started purchasing items for her room. I was able to locate a kids lavender chandelier for her room and it's adorable. I will have to take a picture of it and post on here. Courtney's vocabulary continues to grow by the day and now she even helps put on her shoes and socks. She's hasn't mastered it yet, but she tries. We are getting ready for Courtney's big 2ND birthday party next Saturday and ELMO will even be making an appearance. We have rented a ELMO costume and Uncle Chris (my brother) has graciously offered to wear it. It should be very comical to witness and we are wondering what Courtney's reaction will be. We plan to take plenty of pictures of Courtney's big day and we will post them on here as soon as we can. On Courtney's official birthday (Jan. 30) which is this Friday, Philip and I are taking Courtney to Build-a-Bear and letting her "make" her very own stuffed "friend". After that we plan on taking her to eat at Rain Forest Cafe or the Aquarium Restaurant at Opry Mills so she can see all the fish. She loves fish and we thought this would be a fun ending to her special day. Anyway, off to studying I go and I do apologize that I haven't been updating the blog as often as I should. Since school has started back my time has been focused on school and my family as it should be. Look for pics to be posted soon!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Meet our new mini schnauzer puppy Daphne!  I brought her home on Monday and everyone was excited to see her, even Phoebe.  Courtney likes having her around as long as she doesn't start jumping on her and Phoebe enjoys having a play buddy.  Potty training is going GREAT and she is beginning to feel more comfortable in our home.  Her birthday is October 6 and that puts her right at 14 weeks old.  We are so excited to have our new puppy and glad that the transition is going well!  

Courtney and Daphne instantly became friends!

Phoebe never barked or growled, but she did take a few moments to check this "new thing" out.