Thursday, May 29, 2008

Great News!!!!

I have great news!  I applied for the President's Ambassador program about a month ago and I got a call to come in for a first round interview!!!  If I'm selected to be a President's Ambassador I would receive a full scholarship (including books) for the entire school year starting this fall not to mention it would look GREAT on my resume.   I know I haven't gotten it yet and I might not, but over 1600 people applied and they only asked 50 to come in for a first round interview, so I'm excited just to be in the top 50.  I went in today for the first interview and it went REALLY well.  The board members said they would be knocking the 50 remaining candidates down to 25 in the next 2 weeks, so hopefully I will get another call to come in for a second interview.  I will let everyone know the news as I find out, so keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Odds and Ends

We had a great vacation to New Smyrna Beach, FL and got some great photos!  Be sure and check out all the other vacation photos posted below.  Here are a few "odds and ends" pictures that we got on the trip that we thought were worth mentioning! 

We're in Florida!

We're in Daytona Beach... almost to New Smyrna!!

The Pelican Condo 

Beautiful sunrise over the ocean


Our three feet

New Smyrna Beach... look out for sharks!  Did you know New Smyrna Beach is the #1 beach for shark bites!!!  YIKES!

Courtney reading to herself in the condo

Courtney liked jumping into the bucket and getting stuck

Courtney and Nana waiting in  line for "It's a Small World" at Magic Kingdom

On our way home passing through our favorite city... Atlanta

Our favorite building in Atlanta... The Bank of America Plaza

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Most of our vacation time was spent either at the beach, pool, or Disney World, but we did manage to go to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.  It is the oldest lighthouse in Florida and quite beautiful.  We had a great time learning some history and enjoying a beautiful sunny day!

Here's a pic of the staircase going up to the top and it's 203 long steps too!

F.D. Russell Tugboat

Courtney petting the lighthouse cat "Nelly" while we were shopping at the gift shop.

Splashin at the Pool

Here are a few pics of Courtney splashing in the pool.  Her favorite thing to do was to splash all of us in the face if we were close enough.  After we took her out of her float she quickly learned how to kick her feet in the water.  I believe she is quickly becoming our "new little fish"

Night swimming with Uncle Chris

Disney World

Magic Kingdom was a blast and Courtney enjoyed everything about the park.  We can't wait until we can take her back so she can see Epcot and Animal Kingdom too!

Cinderella's Castle

Mickey and Minnie

The Winnie the Pooh ride was really cute, but Courtney decided to sleep right through it.

One of Courtney's favorite rides "It's a Small World"

Courtney's other favorite ride "The Haunted Mansion"

Fun at the Beach

Courtney loved the beach and so did we!  She had a blast trying to eat the sand and seashells and we enjoyed relaxing and getting away from Nashville for nine days.  We all have nice suntans and can't wait until we visit the beach again.  Enjoy the photos!

Helping daddy make a sand castle

This was taken when Courtney's feet hit the sand for the very first time

Beautiful sunrise

Courtney and Uncle Chris

Walking on seashells

Having Fun

Playing in the sand with her bucket

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We're Having a Blast in Florida!!!!

Ok so vacation has been a blast and we have gotten some great photos, but we will have to post them once we get home. We went to Disney World's Magic Kingdom on Monday and got there when the doors opened and left as the doors were closing. We all had so much fun and Courtney loved it!!!!! Her favorite rides were "It's a Small World" and the "Haunted Mansion." Every time a monster would pop up in the Haunted Mansion she thought that was the funniest thing...go figure. We have never heard her laugh so much! We have also got to walk out to the beach just about everyday and Courtney loves the texture of the sand touching her feet. She loves the pool as well and splashing anyone that comes near. She is walking everywhere and is even starting to climb on things. It looks like we will all be coming back with nice suntans and the weather has been fabulous! Yesterday Philip and I got to eat at Norwood's Seafood Restaurant in New Smyrna Beach all by ourselves for our two year anniversary and it was wonderful. After that, we went to Daytona Beach and enjoyed a peaceful walk on the boardwalk and pier. We both still can't believe that we've been married two years. It sure has flown by, but has been filled with many wonderful memories and many more to come. Today we're all going to the Ponce deLeon Inlet Lighthouse and Daytona Beach for a movie and some putt-putt. Looks like tomorrow we will be heading to the Kennedy Space Center and then the rest of the time will be spent relaxing at the beach and pool. We will be returning Sunday night and hopefully sometime during the beginning of next week we will post some of our vacation photos.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Guess Who's Walking!!!!!!!

Yesterday Courtney finally started walking all by herself.  She wants help from no one and continues to be sassy and independent.  She refuses to be held and wants to be in something all the time.  She still has trouble standing up from a sitting position, but nonetheless she is walking alone.  We leave for Florida tonight and my brother is going to be joining us on the trip as well!!!!  I'm glad Courtney will be able to spend some extra time with Uncle Chris and that we have an extra set of hands since she is walking now!  We are all looking forward to the beach, Disney World, and Phil and I celebrating our two year anniversary!  Yesterday I ate lunch with Regina (Phil's Aunt) and her two daughters Lindsey and Haley.  It was fun watching Courtney interact with them and I do believe Lindsey and Haley will be doing so babysitting for us in the near future (YAY)!!!! I also stopped by Grandmama and Grandaddy's (Phil's Grandparents) house before we headed back to Pleasant View.  They got to witness Courtney walking for the first time and I glad they got to see it.  It was great to visit with some of Phil's family before we head to Florida since it might be a while before we get back to the Franklin area.  Anyway, I have posted some photos of Courtney walking for the first time and I'm sure after we return from vacation we will have tons of photos, so check back soon!

Look at her go!

She's gets so excited when she walks by herself

Oops!  She got a little too excited and took a nose dive!

"I do it!"

Hanging out with Uncle Chris