Sunday, October 5, 2008


Last weekend we made it to Atlanta and had a wonderful time visiting the Georgia Aquarium and the Atlanta Zoo. Courtney loved looking at all the animals, especially the fish. Courtney is now at the age where she is actually enjoying going to different places and observing new things. We also enjoyed looking around at a few neighborhoods and learning more about the Buckhead area. Buckhead is a nice area in Atlanta that has great shopping, excellent food and wine, and lots of family activities to enjoy. We should be going back sometime in early spring, but here are a few photos of our trip this fall to Atlanta.

The Atlanta Zoo

Courtney loved watching the Flamingos.

Carly the elephant showing off her new tricks.

The hog obviously didn't want to be disturbed.

The mama gorilla hanging out while eating some food...

...while the baby ran around getting into trouble.


Courtney and I posing for a picture.


By the end of our trip, we all felt exactly like this meerkat...tired!

The Georgia Aquarium was amazing and the largest aquarium in the world.

Hammerhead shark

Nestor, the beluga whale.

This tank was Courtney's favorite.


Nemo in the gift shop.

Lion Fish

Courtney enjoying her new friend from the aquarium, Crush.

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anita said...

Looks like a great weekend trip! You can tell that Courtney was a very tired little girl in that last photo.
Love the one of you @ Courtney in the Mom & me pic!