Monday, February 23, 2009

Courtney's New "Big" Girl Room Preview

Courtney's new "BIG" girl room transformation is under way.  Her new toddler bedding (Purple Dragonfly Dreams) is in and we are getting ready to start painting next week.  We have picked out the shade grape lavender, which is a soft lavender and should compliment her bedroom decor nicely.  I was amazed to find out that there really isn't a lot of toddler bedding out there to purchase.  I found this bedding online, but couldn't find anything in the stores.  So any of you looking for toddler bedding now or in the future, has the best selection of toddler bedding and their prices weren't bad either.  We also have purchased a lavender chandelier and can't wait to get that up and I have included a picture of it at the bottom.  The bedding in the third picture below (Annie) is what Courtney will graduate to, once she outgrows the toddler bed.  We purchased it from Pottery Barn Kids and at the current moment is on backorder until the spring.  The Annie Cat bedding will go well with the lavender walls and that way we won't have to paint the room again.  Last night I spray painted all of Courtney's letters white to hang up on the wall and Phil at the current moment is putting together her black bookcase.  I have also ordered a lavender dot bean bag with Courtney's name embroidered on it from Pottery Barn Kids to put next to her bookcase so she can have a cozy reading nook in her room.  Once we get everything finished I will post more pics!  I'm planning on having her room completed by the middle of March, after my spring break.
Purple Dragonfly Dreams Toddler Bedding

Isn't Courtney's lavender chandelier darling???

The Annie bedroom by Pottery Barn Kids


Stacie said...

love her new bedding! i can't wait to see the completed room.

Dee'Anna said...

Too cute! Girl you are a planner I wish I could have the time to plan for the future lol!! Hey we need to get together and you guys come to church maybe this weekend if you want. I love the room!!!

anita said...

Love everything for her "big girl" room!! Let me know what I can help with, okay?
I like the 'Annie' quilt too!