Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

Halloween was a blast this year and as you can see from the photos, Courtney was a UT cheerleader.  We went all through the neighborhood and most people gave Courtney extra candy because she was displaying her UT pride.  Courtney however, wasn't a fan of the people dressed in scary, bloody costumes and quickly covered her eyes and hid behind Philip or myself until they walked away. It was so much fun watching her say "trick or treat" for candy and understanding the whole halloween concept, since the last two years she was too young to grasp the idea.  Anyway,  enjoy the photos of our "spooktacular" night.


anita said...

She is the cutest UT cheerleader ever!!! Looks like her "pumpkin" bag was a good size for her- let me know when I need to make the next size up! Great pics!!! I really like the last one with her daddy.

Angel said...

I love these pictures! SHe is getting so big! Tell her to quit it!