Friday, December 11, 2009

Gingerbread House

This year we've started a Christmas tradition at our house.  Every year when Christmas time comes around, we plan to decorate a ginger bread house and display it for the holidays.  I never did decorate a ginger bread house growing up, so I thought this would be something fun to start with Courtney.  This year we all had fun contributing, especially Courtney since she enjoyed eating the frosting.  We are very proud of how our first ginger bread house turned out and Courtney still talks about the icing.  Enjoy!

Getting started

"Come on Mommy and fix the house."

Courtney was more interested in the icing than decorating the ginger bread house

The finished product

Didn't it turn out cute?!?!?!

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anita said...

A wonderful job with the decorating! Very cute indeed!!
Wow! I've missed a lot of things this very busy week...