Friday, January 15, 2010

New Addiction

So I recently began reading the Sookie Stackhouse  novels by Charlaine Harris and I'm hooked. One of my close friend's sister recommended them, so I decided I would read the first book to see if I enjoyed it or not.  I believe there's eight or nine books in the series, but could be more.  I just finished the first book (Dead Until Dark) last night and getting ready to go buy the second (Living Dead in Dallas) today.  Of course the series is about vampires and has similar qualities as the Twilight series, but has more gory violence/blood and A LOT more steamy romance.  I would give these books a "R" rating and shouldn't be read by children.  The books have been made into a show called True Blood which is on HBO, which is for adults as well.  For my birthday Philip bought me Season 1 on blu-ray and Season 2 should be released next month sometime on blu-ray, but I'm not sure on the date.  Season 3 is in production and will air sometime this summer.  Anyway, if you enjoyed the Twilight series and your an adult, then you might enjoy this series.

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