Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th Fun!!!!

July 4th was a blast having my mom, brother, and his girlfriend (Angie) over for a cookout at our house.  After lunch we all went to Sycamore Golf Course and got to goof around on the driving range.  I hit a few shots but not too many because I was mostly trying to help my brother who desperately needs it (HA HA)!  Angie however just recently took up the game and I must admit I was very impressed!  She is on the right track and hopefully in a few months she will be beating my brother to the ground - GO ANGIE!!  Anyway I have posted some pics of the afternoon fun we had at the golf range and of course I took some photos of Courtney getting to "play" some golf for the very first time.  Enjoy!

Sycamore Golf Course... 3 miles from our house

Courtney and Nana hanging out while Mommy, Uncle Chris, and Angie practice on the range.

"Uncle Chris your swing needs help!"

Angie looking like a pro!

Courtney and Uncle Chris

Courtney's hair gets curlier by the day.

Look at that awesome grip!  She's already taking after Mommy!

"Mommy can I hit things with it?"

Trying to tee it up!

Our little pro!  

Courtney loved the golf balls!

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anita said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful 4th!!! Courtney looked " right at home" with the golf club in her hands! She's just way too cute!!!