Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Not So Good Day

Courtney and I met Melissa and her two kids (Jacob and Hannah) on Wednesday at Chuck E Cheese in Clarksville for a little celebration that didn't go so well.   Jacob, who is Melissa's oldest child (2 years), fell and broke his leg 2 months ago and we were all meeting to celebrate Jacob getting his cast removed from his leg.   I really thought Courtney would've LOVED Chuck E Cheese, but that wasn't the case. She HATED it and fell off a ride and busted her head on the fence that separated the toddler area from the big kids area. I had her strapped in, but somehow the strap broke loose and she went flying.  Anyway, the only thing that she seemed to be happy doing was holding a skee ball.  I did take my camera, but only managed to get a few shots and some aren't so pretty.

Here's the infamous ride that Courtney flew off of.

Not a happy girl!

"Mommy, I want that darn Chuck E Cheese pizza now!!!!"

Courtney holding her only friend, the skee ball.

Jacob kicking the soccer ball through the tunnel.

Future gold medal skee ball champion.

Jacob, Hannah, and Melissa

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