Monday, November 10, 2008

Cookout at the Worley's

Our friends Matt and Melissa invited us up to their house for a cookout last month and we all (including the kids) had a blast.  Since I've been REALLY busy I never did post pictures of our fun afternoon/evening we had at their house.  Matt and Melissa live next to Ft. Campbell army base in Kentucky since Matt is in the special forces division of the army.  Matt will be deployed in January and won't return home until September, so we've been trying to spend some extra time with them before he leaves.  Enjoy the pics!

Courtney and Cragger watching something?

Matt, Melissa, Jacob, Hannah and Cragger

Clint, Becca, and Olivia

While jumping on the trampoline, Courtney decided to walk over and give Philip a kiss through the netting... it was so cute

Courtney LOVED the trampoline!!!!!

Jacob was outnumbered with all the girls

Hannah smiling

Courtney and Jacob taking turns in the car

Courtney was fascinated with Hannah

Cute Olivia!

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anita said...

Love the pics with your friends children. Great that Courtney will have them to play with from time to time! The pic of her kissing her daddy is priceless!!!