Monday, November 10, 2008

A Day At The Zoo!

Last Friday on Halloween I took Courtney to the Nashville Zoo.  Courtney had a great time looking at all the animals and especially feeding the goats in the petting zoo.  We both had a fun time and we can't wait until we go back hopefully in the spring.  

Courtney would pick up dead leaves off the ground and feed them to the goats.  I was actually surprised she wasn't scared of them.

Feeding the goats some more leaves.  The goats LOVED Courtney and followed her everywhere.


Some kind of monkey eating pieces of pumpkin.

Goldfish pond

Courtney loved all the scary monsters they had out at the zoo for Halloween.

Looking at the crane

Courtney really like the meerkats and they liked her too!

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anita said...

Looks like Courtney had a great time with the goats and seeing all the other animals!

She's just getting too cute!!!