Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas at the Hollis'

Saturday night we had a wonderful time at the Hollis' Christmas party.  All the children were excited to see Santa( except Courtney) and open all their new toys.  Courtney is still scared of Santa and WILL NOT have anything to do with him.  Hopefully next year that will be different. It was good to see everyone and Courtney had a blast playing with all the other children.  All the kids seemed to have grown a foot since we'd seem them last.  

Courtney having a pouting fit.

Pam, Mama Mac, and Janet laughing how Santa looked like he was having "hot flashes".

The "Gang"

Courtney wearing her Rudolph nose

Brooke patiently waiting her turn to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas.

Matt, Shannon, and Patrick pointing at the kids dancing.

Courtney pouted the whole time while sitting in Santa's lap.

Nick telling Santa what he wanted for Christmas.

Hear comes Santa!!!!!

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Stacie said...

what great pictures! looked like everyone had a good time. :) (even if courtney didn't like santa.)