Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Family Member

I would like to introduce you to our newest little family member. This is Daphne and she is our new black miniature schnauzer. I picked her out today and she is my Christmas/birthday present from Philip and Courtney. She won't be officially in our home until January 5, but I was so excited I had to show pictures of our new baby. At this point she is 8 weeks old and since we will be going out of town during the New Year's, we didn't want to bring her home then turn around and have to board her in a kennel. Anyway, I took a few photos of her and wanted to share them with everyone. She looks a little rough in the pictures, but she is a very healthy dog. She needs a bath and to be groomed, but that is something we can take care of after we get her home. I'm interested to see what Phoebe will think of her new little sister, but I already know the answer to that. At this point I'm trying to locate a vet in the Nashville/Clarksville area that does ear cropping so we can get that done ASAP. Anyway, we will be enjoying our new baby in a few weeks and we can't wait until we can welcome Daphne home.


anita said...

Well, look at her! What a sweetie. Can't wait to meet her. She's always welcome to stay with us while you're away, and of course Phoebe is too!

Stacie said...

she's so cute!!! have you ever seen them full grown without their ears cropped? they are pretty darn cute (our friends have one). anyway... can't wait to watch her grow up!