Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Room Renovations

We're finally starting to make some progress on Courtney's new room.  Other than hanging up her bulletin board that Mimi and Pops bought her and hanging her new chandelier, it will be finished until we move her into a full size bed.  We have already purchased her full size bedding from Pottery Barn Kids, and it will coordinate with the colors that are already in her room. Probably in another year we will be looking to move Courtney into her full size bed.  We'll post more pictures after we "officially" finish the room.

Courtney's "new" room

Courtney's room should  look like this when she moves into her full size "Annie Cat" bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.


Stacie said...

the color on the walls is so relaxing... wanna come paint my bedroom?! (just kidding... there is a reason it isn't painted yet. it's called tall ceilings.)

anita said...

Courtney's room looks very good!