Monday, August 3, 2009

Doctor Report

Courtney had her 30 month (2 1/2 year) checkup today and boy has she grown!  She is 38 inches tall (95th percentile) and weighs 30.5 pounds (70th percentile).  I couldn't believe she'd grown two inches from her 2 year appointment back in January!  She only put on half a pound from her last appointment, but Dr. Thompson wasn't concerned at all.  Courtney is a little behind in her speech, so the pediatrician has recommended that we go for a consultation at Vanderbilt for speech therapy.  Courtney understands what we're saying very well, but sometimes has a hard time getting across what she's wanting to tell us.  The pediatrician also recommended Courtney return back to preschool once or twice a week because this would also help her speech being around other children her age.  After my classes ended in May we'd pulled Courtney out of preschool for the summer and were in the process of trying to decide if we needed to send her back for the fall since the only two classes I need are offered online and at night.  Looks like Courtney will be going back to preschool sometime at the end of August after my mom, Courtney and myself return from Gatlinburg.  That's the latest news and I should have pictures posted of our finished deck in the next couple of days.

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