Friday, August 14, 2009

Philip's Birthday

Philip had a two wonderful  birthday parties last weekend.  My family was able to come on Saturday, while Philip's family came on Sunday.  We had a great time visiting with everyone and want to thank everyone that was able to come.  Here are some pictures from both days!

Philip's Birthday Cake on Saturday from Homestyle Bakery...YUMMY!

Courtney smiling for the camera

Can you believe he's 33!!!!!!

Philip's Birthday Cake on Sunday also from Homestyle Bakery...YUMMY!

Courtney "helping" with the candles

Aunt Regina trying to decide if she even needs to use a fork to eat the cake or just shovel it in.

Courtney started out using a spoon...

...but realized diving right in was much faster!

Courtney tried to put her hair band around her ankle just like cousin Lindsey did.


anita said...

Yes, It's hard to believe that he's 33!!! What a great time we had celebrating his special day at your house... Thanks for having us!

Stacie said...

those cakes look delicious. maybe regina should have taken tips from courtney on how to eat her cake!