Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Almost Finished!

After Friday I will FINALLY be finished with spring semester classes (YAY!)  I took four classes and I'm hoping to have three A's and a B.  I also received an invitation to apply to join the President's Ambassador program, which starting in the fall would give me a full scholarship for the next year.  I'm crossing my fingers and hopefully I will be selected.   We will be leaving for Atlanta EARLY Saturday morning to go see Paula Deen that afternoon at the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show (  On Sunday we plan to make an early trip to the Atlanta Zoo followed by a Braves baseball game and then return home.  Needless to say we will have a BUSY weekend! We love Atlanta and couldn't pass up a opportunity to see one of our favorite places and favorite cooks- Paula Deen.  We're also taking my mom for her birthday and mother's day and we're looking forward to having a great time!  Courtney favorite toy now is electric cords.  We don't understand how a child can have so many toys, but instead of wanting to play with them she wants to play with electric cords.  She has been getting her hand "spanked" several times, but still hasn't learned "no touch".  I have been able to take a few pictures of her "getting caught" and you can see she has a mischievous demeanor about herself.  Hope all is well and on our next post we will have tons of Atlanta pictures.

"OOPS- You caught me again mommy!"

"This thing is so much fun!  Are you sure I have to put it down?"

Phoebe: "You better leave that electric cord alone or your going to be getting a lot of spankings."

She has found her tongue and plays with it all the time

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anita said...

Congrats! on being finished with spring classes Friday! I also send Congratulations on your invitation to apply for the President's Ambassador program! I'll keep my fingers crossed too!! I'm very proud of your accomplishments thus far and all the hard work you do with being a FULL TIME Mommy, taking care of the house and A FULL TIME STUDENT.....WOW, that's amazing!!! Hope you all have a Wonderful time in Atlanta this weekend and please drive safely!
Most children will always prefer to play with the things they shouldn't!!! Love the pictures. Can't wait to see you guys.