Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring is Here!!!!

Spring is finally here and I couldn't resist going out in the yard and taking some pictures of our landscaping that is starting to bloom.  Courtney has even started helping me plant flowers this year and she's such a big help playing in the dirt!  Anyway, here are some beautiful pictures of our landscaping.

Here is our forsythia bushes.  There are actually three, but I only took a picture of one.  I planted them about a month ago and they haven't died!  YAY!

Not sure what kind of flower this is, but I purchased it from Lowe's and it's a perennial, so it should return next year.

Our backyard with the dogwood trees blooming and our row of leyland cypress that are starting to get bigger.

The deck with our patio furniture.  The furniture's not new, but it's newly painted.

The daylilies I planted last year have all returned and they're huge!  They should be sprouting some flowers sometime in June.

Here is our cherokee princess dogwood tree that Grandmama Dennis (Philip's grandmother) got for us last fall.  They said it might not bloom this spring, but look at that beautiful color!


stacie said...

the landscaping looks great! and the flower you aren't sure of is dianthys (not sure of spelling) or "pinks." I like them , too! I'm so glad you have a blog... I put a link to it on my blog :)

anita said...

Hey! Glad you have the blog set up! Yes, the flower in question is a dianthus and should bloom well ! Very beautiful dogwood from Grandmama D. and the trees in the back look great too... glad that you let Courtney help!! TTYL