Thursday, April 24, 2008

Standing Up

Courtney  has been standing on her own for some time now, but yesterday I was finally able to get a picture of it. Courtney had her 15 month check up today and everything went well except for the two shots she received. She weighed 21 pounds, 8 ounces and was 30 inches long. After dinner tonight I let Courtney use my bathtub and she had a blast. I had the camera ready to take some cute shots and Phoebe even wanted in on some of the action, but was cautious not to get too close. I also included a picture of Courtney playing on her new swing set that Pops and Mimi got her for Christmas. Philip put it together last week, so tonight after dinner and Courtney's bath, we all (including Phoebe) got out in the yard and let her swing and play on it. She enjoyed it and Philip and I had fun getting outside enjoying some much needed fresh air.

Look... No Hands!

"Mommy I want to use your tub from now on."

We couldn't figure out what was so funny, but she was having a good time!

"Come on in Phoebe.  It's so much fun in mommy's tub."

Chillin out in the her new swing set



stacie said...

i love the new pictures! she'll be walking all over the place in no time. i bet she'll be walking on the beach, for sure. she looks adorably worn out in her swing. we're glad for the warmer weather here, too.

anita said...

What great pictures! You've really captured her personality! She's growing up so fast!!! Glad she got a good report at the doctor, except for having those necessary shots!! I'm so glad that her daddy put the swing together and that's it's warm enough now for her to enjoy! Pops and Mimi send HUGS & KISSES for Miss Courtney!!!