Thursday, May 8, 2008

Anniversary on May 20

It doesn't seem like Philip and I got married almost two years ago.  It's been a fun experience building a house, having a baby, and spending time together, but it sure has been busy. We thought we would include some pictures of our wedding and remember what a wonderful day it was.  Our wedding was everything we wanted it to be and a day we will never forget.  Thanks to Divine Images for capturing our wedding photos.  We will cherish them forever!

Riverwood Mansion - May 20, 2006

Jackson and Phoebe leading off the ceremony

You may kiss the bride!


Holding Hands

My girls were so pretty!

Sarah was a beautiful matron of honor.

My cake ended up being taller than I imagined, but I LOVED it!

Smashing some cake
Enjoying our private dinner...just the two of us.

Dancing with my dad

Stopping for a kiss

Thanks Willie for lending us the fabulous Lexus convertible!!!

Off to the honeymoon!

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Angel said...

I can't believe it's been two years! Happy early anniversary!