Thursday, May 29, 2008

Great News!!!!

I have great news!  I applied for the President's Ambassador program about a month ago and I got a call to come in for a first round interview!!!  If I'm selected to be a President's Ambassador I would receive a full scholarship (including books) for the entire school year starting this fall not to mention it would look GREAT on my resume.   I know I haven't gotten it yet and I might not, but over 1600 people applied and they only asked 50 to come in for a first round interview, so I'm excited just to be in the top 50.  I went in today for the first interview and it went REALLY well.  The board members said they would be knocking the 50 remaining candidates down to 25 in the next 2 weeks, so hopefully I will get another call to come in for a second interview.  I will let everyone know the news as I find out, so keep your fingers crossed!


anita said...

That's WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Congratulations! for being in the top 50~!!!

stacie said...

congratulations! i hope things work out for you :)