Sunday, January 11, 2009


Meet our new mini schnauzer puppy Daphne!  I brought her home on Monday and everyone was excited to see her, even Phoebe.  Courtney likes having her around as long as she doesn't start jumping on her and Phoebe enjoys having a play buddy.  Potty training is going GREAT and she is beginning to feel more comfortable in our home.  Her birthday is October 6 and that puts her right at 14 weeks old.  We are so excited to have our new puppy and glad that the transition is going well!  

Courtney and Daphne instantly became friends!

Phoebe never barked or growled, but she did take a few moments to check this "new thing" out.

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anita said...

What a "cutie"! Glad everyone is getting along and having fun with the new addition! Can't wait to meet her.