Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday Fun with Mommy and Daddy

On Friday, (January 30) Courtney's official birthday, Philip and myself decided to take Courtney to the Aquarium Restaurant to eat lunch at Opry Mills then to Build-A-Bear so she could "make" her very first stuffed friend.  It was a very fun day and Courtney had a blast looking at all the fish and making herself a new teddy bear named "baby bear".  She did name it herself and as you can tell by the pictures, she loves "baby bear" a lot.  Enjoy!

Looking at the "fishy's"
Getting Courtney to stop for a picture is a rather difficult task now!

She tried to help with the "stuffing" process.

Combing "baby bear's" fur.

Courtney also helped out typing "baby bear's" birth certificate.


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