Saturday, January 31, 2009

2nd Birthday Party

Saturday we hosted Courtney's birthday party at the house and it was a lot of fun to get together with family and friends.  Elmo (Uncle Chris) made his special appearance and even though Courtney wasn't sure about him, she eventually warmed up to him and even gave him "five".  The Elmo cake from Homestyle Bakery was fabulous and thanks again Regina for telling us about Homestyle Bakery.  Enjoy the pics! 

Courtney not really paying attention to the candle, but Jacob was ready to blow it out.

Staton was peeking around the corner looking at Elmo, while Courntey was playing with her computer.

Courtney eating just the icing.

Elmo and Grandaddy Dennis

Courtney smiling at her Elmo card.

Elmo taking a break

Melissa and Hannah

Giving Elmo a "high five"

Seeing Elmo for the first time coming down the stairs

Making his GRAND's ELMO!!!!

The Birthday Girl

The Fabulous Elmo Cake from Homestyle Bakery...YUMMY!

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