Friday, December 11, 2009

New Car

Last night we went and picked up Philip's new car from Beaman Toyota.  Philip is so excited about his new car, so I wanted to post some pictures of it.  We had been looking for several weeks and the dealer was able to trade and get the color (Bayou Blue) Philip wanted.  It's a 2010 Toyota Yaris 5 door hatchback and gets an estimate 29/36 mpg.  Philip's old car (2000 Chevy Cavalier) was on it's last legs with 150,000 miles, and the air conditioner didn't even work.  We didn't want to put anymore money into that car, so we decided it was time for a new one. Toyota is running some GREAT incentives and we got a AWESOME deal on the Yaris.  One of my friends that I went to high school with is the new car sales manager at Beaman, so he helped us out with the price even more.  It was a great buying experience and we recommend Beaman to anyone that looking for a new Toyota.  Beaman's customer service is great ad their was no haggling or confusion.  Philip's new car should be paid off in three years and then my van will be on it's last legs, so I will be needing something then.  I was looking at the 2010 Toyota 4 Runner and the new body style looks awesome!  If Toyota keeps that body style for the next three years, then that might be my next car :)

Toyota Yaris.  Philip's car looks like this except it's blue.

Here is it

It's a lot more roomier than it looks

2010 Toyota 4 Runner...doesn't the new body style look great?


anita said...

Congratulations on the new car! Pops told me about it yesterday... question of the day... how long can it stay this clean on the inside? ha ha Love you all, mom

Angel said...

hey! When we were in Vegas we saw the new 4Runner and got to get in one and look under the hood. Lee had to flash his Toyota Employee ID card because they had it under lock and key!