Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Family Update

Well, my summer class (anatomy and physiology) is going OK and hopefully it will be another class behind me once the semester is over. My first test was last night and it was such a relief to get the first one behind me. For some reason I always stress more about the first test and then after that I'm usually OK. Courtney is walking everywhere and even made it half way up the stairs Monday night with Nana and I watching. She's walking everywhere and chasing Phoebe all over the house. Phoebe these days looks forward to Courtney's naps just as much as I do. Courtney loves playing hide and go seek with Phoebe, but I don't think Phoebe is as enthusiastic as Courtney is about it. Our new dining room table and chairs will be delivered on Thursday and just in time for a cookout which we're hosting for Philip's family on father's day. I also have my final interview on Thursday for the President's Ambassador Program so as soon as I hear the news I will let everyone know. Our flowers are in full bloom and I have included some pictures and the bottom of this post. Most of the flowers except for the daylilies are on the back deck, which is completed except for being stained. This fall we will be staining the deck ourselves, but not until this blistering weather cools down. Enjoy the pics!

My pretty hibiscus tree that Philip got for me



Our pretty daylilies and dianthias in the front yard

Our new hanging baskets filled with petunias.

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