Monday, June 23, 2008

Father's Day

Philip's father's day gift finally came in today and I was able to pick it up and bring it home with the help of my cousin (Lee).  As you can see, I think he's really going to like it!  Instead of our yard taking four hours to cut, it should only take about an hour or so.  We had a push mower and after three times of breaking down and going to the shop, we weren't going to put anymore money into that horrible thing.  I might also mention that the push mower was only a year old and had problems since the day we purchased it.  If you or anyone you know are looking into buying a push mower, don't buy a John Deere!  That thing has been nothing more than a headache and the customer service department isn't worth mentioning either.  Anyway, Courtney and I wanted to include a picture of our wonderful gift were giving Philip for father's day this year.


Angel said...

I'm just catching up... congrats on the President's Ambassador Program! Awesome on your 6 lbs... I am there too and I know how hard it is. Love your landscaping and Courtney looks right at home on the mower!

anita said...

I know that Philip will be very proud of his Father's Day gift!!! Every man's dream!! Courtney looks cute sitting there too!