Friday, June 20, 2008

Final Round

I got the news yesterday afternoon that I've been selected to be in the final round interview for the President's Ambassador Program.  The last interview will be Thursday, June 26 with the university president conducting the meeting and several of his cabinet members. Even if I'm not selected, I will be glad to be interview free for a while.  One way or another interviews are stressful and it will be nice not to have worry about them until I get out of school and start looking for a job. Oh and on another good note... I've lost 6 pounds just this week alone!  My goal is to lose 2-3 pounds a week, but somehow 6 pounds has melted away.  I've started a modified low carb diet and really been hitting the elliptical hard and the results are starting to show. Hopefully I can keep the good work up and keep myself motivated.  Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know of the good news!

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anita said...

Way to go on making it to the "final round"! Wishing you good luck on the upcoming interview. I know they are stressful, but apparently you haven't let it show in the prior meetings! Just keep up the good work and just be 'yourself'... seems they have found something in you that keeps them calling you back again!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! Congrats on the weight loss too! Care to share your secrets?